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Due to pandemics the scholarship program is currently cancelled -

no new scholars will be accepted

Thank you for your understanding

Scholarship Program

In addition to provide consulting services to investment managers CLIENTALYTICS also invests into own projects across the world. As part of this, CLIENTALYTICS has established an international scholarship program to support Students, Young Professionals and Experienced Professionals to finish their studies, to gain all certificates required for an international career or establishing their own businesses.

Through the early accompaniement of the candidates, the investments into an international career or self-established businesses can be optimized and guided from the beginning.

All candidates will receive an extensive learning and development program and receive all required skills for the objectives of each of them.

Application process 

In a first step, each candidate will have to provide a written resume with supporting documents. The documents will depend on the experiences and status of the candidate and will be requested on a case by case basis.


The total application process will depend on the ability and willingness of the applicatant to work on its Master Plan. It will take up to 4 weeks from the point in time when all required documents are provided and the Master Plan is defined.

Please find below Frequently Asked Questions and their answer:

What documents do I have to provide?

In a first step please provide your complete resume and a letter of motivation why we should select you to participate in our program.

Where do I have to sent my documents?
Ideally sent it by email to our administration. Alternatively, you can send it by post to contact

My grades are not excellent, do I have a chance when I apply to one of your programs? 

While there is no perfect set of criteria, grades are only one of many criteria which we use to decide who will be able to enjoy the benefits of our Scholarship Program. Therefore, it would be the best to apply.

What would be the first step when I was accepted by your Scholarship Program?

For every candidate, the outcome of the application process will be a master plan where the objectives of the scholarships are defined. As part of this plan, the single steps will be identified to realize the master plan.

I am interested in a career in the healthcare business, can I still apply to the Scholarship Program?

The program is available for any industry, any age, any country. Most important is your motivation and what we can see in you. If the master plan is a realistic and successful promising plan of the master piece of your life, we are happy to accept you.

What is your benefit of it, are there any conditions, I have to accept?

The aim of the Scholarship Programs is to create a win-win-situation. How exactly this will be realized will be defined in the Master Plan.

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